A personal touch to a wedding present… the fingerprint guestbook!

Don’t you love making something special for people that are dear to you?

On my trip through California I was pointed out the American trend of the fingerprint guestbook. Returning home to the most awesome wedding* ever I decided to make one for my very special friends.
Thankfully, they loved the idea just the same: guests leaving their fingerprints forming a very personal map to a beautiful memory.

The friends I made this for are almost as much into their garden as they are into each other (oh my… their garden should have it’s own blog, but that’s a whole different story). Their wedding card showed a peaceful path surrounded by trees and huge beams of sunlight welcoming the viewer. I used this as inspiration for the jar of fireflies below.

I think this would make for a nice addition to my Etsy shop, maybe featuring some more wedding products. What do you think?


fingerprint guestbook ellen vesters

 * a wedding. in your own huuuge backyard. handmade decorations. firepits. a limoncello bar. a huge spanish ham. live music by friends. the cutest dog. ever. enough said!!!

Road Trip Part III

We Dutchies often have to chuckle about Americans trying to fit in seeing all of Europe in just one month.

And what did I do…? Cruising states like a madmanwoman ! In four weeks time we have seen California, Nevada, Utah AND Arizona. When you cross a freaking ocean to visit another world, you feel like you need to see everything, you don’t want to miss anything.
I understand now, people!

But next time… I would prefer a little more ease…


Pictures below: Los Angeles, Highway 1 and back to new found love San Francisco again (♥ Mission…).

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Road Trip Part II

Red Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree.

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