Guestpost at Edison Rex

When Maeg announced she was going to ditch her tv… I was impressed.

When Maeg announced she was going on a walkabout… I was overwhelmed.

Being a ‘junior’ illustrator I know there are strong (online) forces pulling at you every day, I know about feeling the urge to be everywhere all the time and constantly putting yourself out there to get your work to be picked up by people. It takes a lot of courage to unplug in these fast times!

Inspired by Maeg’s story I thought it would be right to share a story with you about a courageous move that Maeg and I do share: taking the plunge to do what you want!

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Etsy Open

Maybe you have already heard me shouting it out on facebook:


Etsy NL is opening their doors in september!


They will be doing this in collaboration with Open | makers on the market.

This month Dutch Etsy entrepeneurs can be found in a cute pop-up store in Leiden, where we will sell our stuff, and give workshops.

Definitely worth a visit (eg to find delicate, simple lamps by Studio Snowpuppe, upcycled design by Babongo, and the coolest illustrations by Marloes Kroeze and the always admired Kim Welling). It’s a wonderful chance to get acquainted with the Etsy community outside the digital highways.


Come and meet me there!



My work on the wall behind the counter: