Fascinating fashion made from collections

Pet, the artist from Utrecht that collects collections (https://www.ellenvesters.com/pets-marktplaats/) now has this amazing project where designers have been making the most fascinating fashion from his collections!

I was there at the coolest fashion show ever, which took place in a huge collector’s fair. So cool to be there…


Inspirational blog: stop-watch

Happy birthday to one of the coolest inspirational projects from the Netherlands:







Opening up shop?

We’re coming out!


Since I took some classes last fall by the lovely Kim Welling, we have become friends. Kim is the sweetest person. And as it turnes out: we share the same dream! After much quietness…we are finally coming out!

We have applied for a space in Utrecht to open up an illustration shop/ studio together!


Utterly excited we are.


We can hardly stand waiting for the news that we will be in or not… We will have to wait till June… Oh, June…!

Fingers crossed!


Last week Kim and I went to Breda to learn about owning a shop by the kind (and so funny!) Pamela from beautiful Feito Com Amor.

See Kim’s post about the visit: http://kimwelling.blogspot.com/2012/04/feito-com-amore.html.


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Thanks so much, Pamela, for being so frank and giving us so much wonderful advice!