A personal touch to a wedding present… the fingerprint guestbook!

Don’t you love making something special for people that are dear to you?

On my trip through California I was pointed out the American trend of the fingerprint guestbook. Returning home to the most awesome wedding* ever I decided to make one for my very special friends.
Thankfully, they loved the idea just the same: guests leaving their fingerprints forming a very personal map to a beautiful memory.

The friends I made this for are almost as much into their garden as they are into each other (oh my… their garden should have it’s own blog, but that’s a whole different story). Their wedding card showed a peaceful path surrounded by trees and huge beams of sunlight welcoming the viewer. I used this as inspiration for the jar of fireflies below.

I think this would make for a nice addition to my Etsy shop, maybe featuring some more wedding products. What do you think?


fingerprint guestbook ellen vesters

 * a wedding. in your own huuuge backyard. handmade decorations. firepits. a limoncello bar. a huge spanish ham. live music by friends. the cutest dog. ever. enough said!!!

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