Road Trip Part I

This summer Mr Rockstar and I took a four week break (hallelujah!) to cruise South West America. I was never really attracted to the idea of an American Road Trip. New York has been my only beau, for I was one of those ignorant European people that thought the US would be nothing more than a bunch of skyscrapers, malls and people playing it cool in their New Balance sneakers.


Was I wrong!


I have been completely blown away by the vastity of American nature. So many nature reserves, the one even more beautiful than the other. So much open space!


In my following posts I will show you some of the pics I took of our travels.

(Unfortunately my pictures have turned out a bit dissapointing to me. I haven’t been able to capture the magic of it all. Will have to practice my photography skills again, this apparatus has been laying around doing nothing for too long. Also bummed I didn’t get shots of all the amazing people I met. Probably because I was too caught up in the moment, not such a bad thing, right? I will try to work out some sketches for you to enjoy my cultural observations too ;).)


First up in this photo series: San Francisco, Napa/ Sonoma Valley, Yosemite/ Sequoia, Death Valley, Las Vegas and Zion.

(Part II:

Part III:


road trip usa

road trip usa

road trip usa

road trip usa

road trip usa

road trip usa

road trip usa

road trip usa

road trip usa

road trip usa

Home again

Nothing better than coming home, after four weeks on the road, to a mailbox filled with good-news-cards and little presents!

(still making little improvements on this website, from now on: bigger images)



(first time ever ever I won a giveaway! thank you, Octavie!)

ellen vesters kim welling

Kim Welling

ellen vesters tattly



The downside of traveling to the other side of this planet: after missing just one night, Mr Sleep decided he needed some time apart…

Jetlag. Pf.


If Mr Sleep will ever decide to return to me (come on, I am on my knees here!), I will post some of my holiday pics in the coming days.

That 17th Hat

I see more and more Dutch illustrators working on American commissions!
Busy bees, we are…!

Since I started in illustration I have gotten to know the Dutch players quite well (although thankfully I still come across great new stuff every week). One person that stands out in having a delicate soft style as well as personality (at least it seems that way, since she lives quite far away I only had the pleasure of meeting her in the online world) is Marloes de Vries.

A little while ago I bought her first book (story written by Trevor Eissler): That 17t Hat. A cute story of a family on a spontaneous outing together. During this adventure at a hat store, the children get an intriguing taste of far off lands. The youngest learns from the oldest, and the oldest… well, you have to see what happens!


Get your copy here:


(am thinking… does that sound bad? delicate personality? of course i only mean this in the most positive way! like gentle/ kindhearted…)






(pictures by Marloes de Vries)