Hello Etsy 2012

This weekend I was one of the lucky ones attending Hello Etsy 2012.

I was blessed with stomach flu the day before.
So I fit my lovely bordeaux stockings perfectly.

The day looked even brighter when in the train me and compadre Femke Veltkamp found out that our telepathic skills had made us dress completely compatible.

Oh my, the world problems us modern girls have to deal with.


ellen vesters illustrator and graphic designer and femke veltkamp at hello etsy 2012


Everything was forgotten when Janine Vangool opened her mouth. How one shy woman can silence dozens of people telling us all to just follow our hearts.
Actually, the whole day could be summarized with this sentence.

When you hang in there, doing what you love, staying true to what feels right to you, you will find success.

Call me (and a whole Piet Hein Eek factory filled with people, for that matter) unrealistic, but I am a strong believer in this mantra.


janine vangool of uppercase at hello etsy 2012 by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


The reason that I love Etsy so much, is because they are not just about commerce. Etsy is truly dedicated to supporting a new economy, a world where big companies have less power and relationships amongst people will be more important again.

(Okay, after three talks from people who seemed to have had the same workshop in storytelling I felt some allergies kicking in, but hey, the higher message is cool!)


Matthew Stinchcomb told us that at every Etsy event they try to include speeches that trigger social awareness.
This group of Etsians had the honor of meeting 87 year old  Satish Kumar, former monk and peace activist, sharing his inspiring views on sustainability.
The energy this dude had!
87 Years old!

The man deserves a gif don’t you think?


animated gif satish kumar at hello etsy by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


Watch all the different Hello Etsy talks below. Be sure to check out the inspiring speech of Satish Kumar, all the practical advice for starters by Diana van Ewijk from MamaMarketing (a MUST follow) and by my mate Kim Welling, and the fantastically sobering talk by master Piet Hein Eek:



If you have the time to watch, you may stumble onto this particular funny scene…


chair dance with piet hein eek etsy 2012 by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


***I have met so many lovely New York people the past weekend. My thoughts are with them in this storm. I really hope everyone is safe…***

A home for Urlaub!




Loooooots of cake!


Really really cheeeeezzzy house music!

One hundred high fives!


drawing contracts illustration and concept store urlaub ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


Life changing papers were signed yesterday!


Urlaub found a home!


If everything goes according to plan Urlaubillustration and concept store – will be opening up in the first quarter of 2013, in Utrecht, right next to Tivoli de Helling, where a new creative breeding ground is built.

Urlaub will be located on the first floor surrounded and influenced by other supernice creatives: Welmoet, Leentje, Rosa, Renee and Bas.

Bas very kindly built us girls a 3D preview!


model concept store urlaub ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


And now for the best part to begin: choosing products and deciding on decoration!



Coincidence or sign from a far away Marsian: on the ground floor a diner will be opening up called Klein Berlijn = Little Berlin…!