Best Block Calender Ever: “De Scheurkalender”

scheurkalender by sanne-bloem illustrations by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


Last week I got me-self the good ol’ Block Calender (“de Scheurkalender”) I participated in.

I swear, everything that comes out of Sanne Bloem’s hands just oozes authenticity.


Sanne can be called many things.

First of all you should learn Dutch, just to be able to pronounce her name:

“Sanne Bloem”

(meaning “Sanne Flower” – pronouncing it North European style; ouch, so hot it hurts)


Sanne Bloem is the Dutch queen of handmade.

Sanne Bloem is the princess of mastering the art of doing what you love.

Sanne Bloem is the maiden of having too many jobs to count on TWO hands.


But. What I like most about Sanne is that she isn’t about polishing, she is about rough edges, being real.


All this makes for the Best Block Calender. Ever.


You can buy your – Dutch – copy of the Block Calender (“de Scheurkalender”) here.
(and I know a month has passed by already. but do we ever do things the way people say we should? nope…)


scheurkalender by sanne bloem text by patrick meijer

scheurkalender sanne bloem illustration by argibald mime

scheurkalender sanne bloem illustration by de rustende jager

scheurkalender sanne bloem illustration tregging by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer

scheurkalender sanne bloem illustration yoga by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer

Oh Marie Magazine

Sometimes you come across art directors or graphic designers that are so inspiring to work with, that you end up finding a whole new layer in your illustrative work.

This was the case in working with Marlous Snijder of Oh Marie Magazine, and Casper Boot of Ja Hallo.


Together with Casper a grand cover was made and of course also a quirky inside illustration was needed (the sketches were simply too delicious to only stick with one).
I feel so happy with the results!


Check out the magazine by clicking on the image below:

Oh Marie Magazine Dazzle Painting cover Ellen Vesters illustrator graphic designer.jpg

My art work – based around the theme Dazzle Painting//pattern//camouflage:
(you can expect these as prints in my shop soon!)
Oh Marie Magazine Dazzle Painting Masai Ellen Vesters illustrator graphic designer



Zebra on skateboard for Oh Marie Magazine issue Dazzled painting by illustrator Ellen Vesters

Party Hard

planet fur_party hard_ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer

“Party hard” is what Miss Planet Fur wished us innocent creative souls at the start of 2013.

Boy, were we in for a surprise.


Intergalactic powers, she has.


Last week I was invited to no less then five openings and one lecture in two days time!

I slept through was too busy to visit the lecture (soooo sorry, Mr Van Gaasbeek…) and made it to three of the five openings.


First up:

Elle Aime!

Big wow factor. Big standard set for my own shop-in-the-making.
Elle Aime is dedicated to the crafty types among us.
The shop is filled with all kinds of craft materials as well as finished products (so much nice stuff…!).
Make sure you go there asap and do enter one of the workshops. You will have a great time for sure.


elle aime shop lisa manuels__ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


Second stop:


MamaMarketing is THE Dutch platform for women that are starting their own webshop, although I can recommend it to anyone starting out as entrepeneur.
Their website is the place to go for advice on a number of subjects, including branding, SEO, etc.
The party I was invited to actually was a launchparty where the Mamamarketeers launched a productline, ranging from worksheets to workshops.
I can’t wait for their app to come out (soon!) which will also include a Quote Coach (love that)!
(you can read all about MamaMarketing in their mini magazine)


opening party mamamarketing webwinkel minimagazine_ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer copy


Third up:

Fred & Guus!

Fred & Guus sell art by young designers (including yours truly) and also offer a stage for the most amazing vintage finds.
In a short timespan they have managed to make an important mark in the Utrecht art scene.
Their taste for art is impeccable.
As is their taste for great parties!
(Which they promise to throw once every month!)


opening party fred en guus shop galerie_ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


You can’t visit a party without gifts, don’t you agree?

So I decided to give everyone a Dutch Dwelling of their own city.

This meant designing two more Dutch houses: Rotterdam and Den Haag (also known als ‘s-Gravenhage).

They will be added to my Etsy shop shortly, for all of you Rotterdam and Den Haag lovers out there.

Tell me when you feel like your city has been left out and I will try to make some time to include it!


dutch dwellings hollandje huisjes rotterdam_ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer

Are you as curious as I am about the missed lecture by Mr Van Gaasbeek?

Watch Utrecht’s Creative Mornings channel at Vimeo. Very soon his video will be uploaded!