Don’t do it yourself Open Studio Night 21st of June

Dearest Don’t-Do-It-Yourselvers (gotta love the Wordfeud affinity ;)),

Everything is evolving, as is the Open Studio. For half a year now we have been Open in Utrecht: high time for the next step!


First things first: the date of the June meeting

The next Don’t Do It Yourself Open Studio will be on Thursday, June 21 from 18:00 pm, at Hooghiemstraplein 15!

The theme: Intervision. Do you get stuck at a certain technique, are you not progressing in the development of a concept, do you need to brainstorm on a vague plan that you have been walking around with for some time, or do you just want feedback on your work? Take your questions with you!

Let me know if you want to be the ‘main topic’ of this meeting.

Do you have another question or a problem you cannot seem to solve? Please feel welcome, we still work at solutions together!

Sign up via this link:


What changes will there be?

You can now sign up for a DDIY Open Studio through the events on the DDIY businesspage on Facebook. We will let the evening continue at at least five participants!

From now on DDIY Open Studio Utrecht will be held on every Third Thursday of the month. (summer break in July and August)

In Utrecht there mainly seems to be an interest for the DDIY Open Studio nights from the creative sector (artists, illustrators, animators, designers, filmmakers, writers, webdesigners). Therefore this will be our focus group from now on.

The dates for 2012:
June 21
September 20
October 18
November 15
December 20

The program of an evening Don’t Do It Yourself Open Studio Utrecht will be as follows:
18.00-19.00: entry, eating together
19.00-19.30: inventory of questions, introduction of theme, dividing into groups
Then: work!

Besides that everyone can still bring their problems to work on together, from now every evening will also have a focus on a specific theme.


Possible themes for the coming year:

– Intervision: 3 people prepare a question

– Comparing art movements: 3 people prepare a short lecture about an art movement, after this mini-lecture  we will discuss the applicability to our own work

– Soapbox: 3 ideas are pitched

– Use of equipment/ workshops: sewing night, laser cutter night, button night

– Acquisition: which approaches  does everyone use? What has your approach brought you? What can we learn from each other?

– How to work more efficient

– Mini-coaching

Let me know if you have any additions to these topics, if there is a subject you would like to bring forward yourself, or if you really want one of these topics to be given priority or be adressed on a specific date.


See you June 21st! I feel excited!



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