I Met Myrte

Today, at an amazing Etsy Lab at Dutch Design Week, I met Myrte de Zeeuw and fell in love with her work!



Aren’t the detailing and colouring of her illustrations amazing?

See more of her stuff here: http://www.lovemyrte.com/shop/en.


The Etsy Lab was really inspiring in itself:

Etsy exists to bring heart, meaning, and community back to commerce. We envision a world where individuals and their small businesses shape economies that are fair, durable, and fun. Here, we value the people and the stories behind the things in our lives as much as we value price or convenience.

During DDW we will therefore focus on the story behind ’the maker’ and ’their product’.


We want you to “Make your story” during our DDW Etsy.


We will literally show you how to “make” your story from beginning till end. You will leave this labs with your first storybook!

It will be also your chance to meet our Creative Director Randy J. Hunt (NY)!


Well, I met Randy J. Hunt and was impressed by this guys visions of a better world. Such a kind, intelligent and calm person. I know the story I have to tell will be about making my career switch to a more creative life, but still have to find the right words to do so.


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