Should I work for free?

We all know this fantastic poster Jessica Hische made.

And now one of the Netherlands’s funniest illustrating ladies, Maaike Hartjes, is working on a book about the illustration business! According to her too many illustrators don’t bother reading business books because they tend to be too boring. That’s where Maaike comes in: she won’t be writing boring stories on how to do business… she will DRAW them!

The book is aimed at starting and wannabe illustrators but she hopes professional illustrators will pick up a few tips as well.


The title will be ‘Tekeningen, Rekeningen’ (drawings, bills’).


Because of the growing enthousiasm for her book and it’s facebook page (where she shows finished comic pages of the book) she decided to translate her business comics in English!


Here’s number one:

Maaike Hartjes Pitches from the book Tekeningen Rekeningen


I am also so in love with the badge she made for illustrator’s websites (see below).

As Maaike puts it:
“One of my colleagues got an assignment for a comic this week.  Though well, assignment…
There was a tight budget so she was asked to work for free!
Somehow it didn’t occur to them to ask the printer or designer to work for free.
After all, those are REAL jobs  and drawing is just a fun hobby, right?! :-/

So here’s an answer you can tell your ‘clients’ when they ask for freebies!”


Maaike Hartjes If you want someone to work for peanuts


Maybe for some of you this badge still doesn’t do the trick?
Then check out the website of Mr Bingo:
Scroll all the way down to ‘Info’ and click on the link that says ‘Does Mr Bingo work for free’.

Guaranteed laughing so hard it will hurt.


Logo design gone completely nuts

It’s always so much fun to develop a logo for another entrepreneur.

And, when this entrepreneur – in this case a copywriter – has given her business the name ‘Compleet getikt‘, which means completely nuts, you can be assured that working together is nothing more than a party!


Best part of it all:
Mrs Completely Nuts insisted on buying two logo’s instead of opting for one.
I tried to explain to her that the fact that she couldn’t choose probably meant we weren’t there yet. That we had some more tweaking to do.
Her answer: You…? Afraid of sacrilege?
What a woman…


Check out if you are in need of some crazy good copy.


Sketches round 1:


logo design compleet getikt by ellen vesters illustrator and graphic designer


Sketches round 2:


logo design compleet getikt by ellen vesters illustrator and graphic designer


Final logo’s:


logo design compleet getikt by ellen vesters illustrator and graphic designer