My city, Utrecht, is getting better and better everyday.


So many creative things are going on. Temporary stores and galleries are popping-up everywhere. The city is bubbling with energy this spring.


DepARTmentSTORE is already welcoming it’s fourth edition. Yesterday me and Mr Rockstar went to have a look and had to restrain ourselves from not buying every second thing we saw.


Anne Meijer

Anne Meijer

Esther Derkx

Diorama by Anneloes Ouwehand

Marinke van Zandwijk

Studio Drift

Do you see what this is? Little hint: it is called Dandlelight.

I have loved this little object ever since I saw Studio Drift’s amazing TEDtalk.

Let’s see if I can restrain myself from buying it…

The best artwork of all… Mr Rockstar’s huuuge cappucino!

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