Delicious Dudes Quartets – Week one: Luke Wilson

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Together with Becka, Katriona, Marloes, YinaTineke, Miriam, Minke, NancyIna and, last but not least, Nelleke, I entered a fun project, hashtagged #DD #quartets.

Can you guess what it is?


Tatatataaaa: a Delicious Dudes quartets! (jummy! ;))


We got this idea when some of us were discussing jummy men on twitter and Philomeen shouted out “it looks like y’all are playing quartets here!”. It started out as a joke, but then turned into a serious, but still loads of fun, project with other illustrators joining in.


Check it out! We will be posting Delicious Dudes every Friday in November.

My first submission:


delicious dudes quartets category movember moustaches luke wilson by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


(Quartets is a Dutch game by origin (they might play it in Germany too). It’s mostly played by kids. In Dutch stores you can find a lot of different themes to quartets. Like a ‘Miffy’ quartet, an animal quartet and so one. You can find more information on how the game is played here.

Dutch Dwellings: Etsy tips and the selling of Dutch houses

During my trip to the US, I met the loveliest fellow Etsy’ers. Amongst them were Elles Lanfer and Saskia de Winter. Both Dutchies, living abroad in California.
(sigh… California!)

Saskia had just delivered a baby (three weeks old!) when I met her. And still she took the time to see me and share her advice on being successful on Etsy!

ellen vesters etsy

From all the inspiring conversations I had, I gathered the following Etsy tips:

  • Say goodbye to the fear of being commercial. Try to identify with Etsy buyers, investigate what they are looking for and adjust your listings to this knowledge
  • People tend to look for gifts when cruising Etsy. Make products, not only prints!
  • Popular products are products that tell a story, for instance about your city or country
  • Work on your photography skills, good product photography makes all the difference (still working on this one…)
  • Get over your wedding allergies (thankfully this intimate wedding did the job)! Weddings pay the bills!
  • Make sure your shop looks full, have a large array of products ready for people to choose from, but still retain a simple (visually quiet) and cohesive look overall
  • Be open to customizing, and tell your crowd about this option!
  • And then for a good-old-sneaky-commercial-thinking-bastard-trick: use Statsy Clockbot for regular relisting to get more views


All this resulted in me deleting all my old stuff from my shop and putting in new prints, but also my first product: Dutch Dwellings, or “Hollandse Huisjes”. You can now buy five varieties of little Dutch houses, each representing another Dutch city (Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Volendam and Lutjebroek). More versions to come!

And guess what… they have been blogged about already! I am so proud.
As well as very happy that there are people out there that are doing a much better job at product photography than I am…!

(the Dutch Dwellings, or Hollandse Huisjes, are for sale at my Etsy shop:


Oh Marie:

ohmarie dutch houses

Enter my Attic:

ellen vesters dutch houses

 Mintstudio Creations:

ellen vesters dutch houses


zilverblauw dutch houses

zilverblauw dutch houses

Personalized wedding portrait: A New York Love Affair

A fantastic commission for a personalized wedding portrait reached me a little while ago. A group of guys wanted to surprise a friend of theirs that was getting married. The concerning husband and wife to be were huge New York (and America) lovers and they had wanted a portrait of NY for a while to adorn their new home. The guys asked me to combine a portrait of the couple with a portrait of New York, including their favourite colour: purple.

It had been ages ago since I did a project like this one (and ages ago since I had to be so supersupersecretive about something, not my best quality ;)), but I think I succeeded quite well. I printed it at my favorite printer in Utrecht, Verhoeff: a giclée print on Hahnemühle paper, which I adore. I love working on private commisions like this one. The personal connection, making a nice couple happy with your work, the idea that it will be looked at with happy memories every day…


personalized wedding portrait

If you would like a customized/ personalized wedding portrait or family portrait like this one too, then feel welcome to have a look at my Etsy shop!