Delicious Dudes Quartets – Week one: Luke Wilson

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Together with Becka, Katriona, Marloes, YinaTineke, Miriam, Minke, NancyIna and, last but not least, Nelleke, I entered a fun project, hashtagged #DD #quartets.

Can you guess what it is?


Tatatataaaa: a Delicious Dudes quartets! (jummy! ;))


We got this idea when some of us were discussing jummy men on twitter and Philomeen shouted out “it looks like y’all are playing quartets here!”. It started out as a joke, but then turned into a serious, but still loads of fun, project with other illustrators joining in.


Check it out! We will be posting Delicious Dudes every Friday in November.

My first submission:


delicious dudes quartets category movember moustaches luke wilson by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


(Quartets is a Dutch game by origin (they might play it in Germany too). It’s mostly played by kids. In Dutch stores you can find a lot of different themes to quartets. Like a ‘Miffy’ quartet, an animal quartet and so one. You can find more information on how the game is played here.

Celebrating children’s creativity!

Today the official ceremony of the comic drawing contest in Amsterdam-Noord took place.


Unbelievable comics have been made. Check the winners out at Edith-made-it’s blog!


We, the judges (Edith-made-it, Jan Pieter Ekker, Ibrahim Selman and Ellen Vesters), Stadsdeel Noord and all Amsterdam-Noord high schools congratulate the prizewinners!


1st prize: Benno Boland  *  2nd prize: Iris Vestergaard  *  3d prize (shared): Jip Mus & Heleen Mulder




Meet our queen

I present to you:


The Dutch queen (by Aron Elstak)…