A home for Urlaub!




Loooooots of cake!


Really really cheeeeezzzy house music!

One hundred high fives!


drawing contracts illustration and concept store urlaub ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


Life changing papers were signed yesterday!


Urlaub found a home!


If everything goes according to plan Urlaubillustration and concept store – will be opening up in the first quarter of 2013, in Utrecht, right next to Tivoli de Helling, where a new creative breeding ground is built.

Urlaub will be located on the first floor surrounded and influenced by other supernice creatives: Welmoet, Leentje, Rosa, Renee and Bas.

Bas very kindly built us girls a 3D preview!


model concept store urlaub ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


And now for the best part to begin: choosing products and deciding on decoration!



Coincidence or sign from a far away Marsian: on the ground floor a diner will be opening up called Klein Berlijn = Little Berlin…!



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