Another little one

Sooo, this happened little over a week ago! Our beautiful second daughter Loren was born… and in the Netherlands it is tradition to send a birth announcement card to friends and family.

So in love, we are… ♡


Birth announcement baby Loren by illustrator ellen vesters

Graduation time

As my last post was already saying, it is and has been relatively quiet here this last year. Of course I completely underestimated finishing my Masters in the midst of being a freshman mum. As my Scottish friend Duncan says so eloquently: the sledgehammer of love hit me really hard.
So, I have been very strict with my time and cut back immensely on computer hours. And YES, after months of going from cramps from smiling at my daughter’s firsts to cramps from drawing like a mad woman (had to make up for my maternity leave)… I made it!!! Next week I will be standing very proudly between my oh so talented classmates at the MA Children’s Book Illustration Graduation Exhibition in Candid Arts Trust Gallery, London.

So thankful for all the help from my tutors and family. I would never have made it without them.

Picture book about girl and cat by Ellen Vesters children's book illustrator

Honey, I’m home!

Sooo this kitty has been on a huge adventure this past year!

This kitty has been a-round.

Smelled all the grasses we could get our noses on, sniffed some delicioso petrol, rolled in the most prettiest amazingest sands.


And, now that I’ve seen the world, it is time to get back on the blogging track again and get out my BFF’s: Miss Pencil and Miss Paper.


Honey, I’m home!


Gif cool kitty

Gif via Catleecious