Bobblehead Blaudzun

Had to get this bobblehead Blaudzun image out of my system.
(click the ‘play’ button below to see it move to the music)


bobblehead blaudzun




This song is played endlessly on television these days, being the ending theme song of the Olympic broadcasts.
Welcoming bold choice!


Update // 7.19 pm, over at Twitter:


Honey, I’m home!

Sooo this kitty has been on a huge adventure this past year!

This kitty has been a-round.

Smelled all the grasses we could get our noses on, sniffed some delicioso petrol, rolled in the most prettiest amazingest sands.


And, now that I’ve seen the world, it is time to get back on the blogging track again and get out my BFF’s: Miss Pencil and Miss Paper.


Honey, I’m home!


Gif cool kitty

Gif via Catleecious

Pini Piru’s Monster ABC

Pini Piru did an amazing job on this wonderful animation to promote their newly designed ABC.