Life and such

I am in the middle of a huge baby boom.
More than a dozen babies are expected in my circle of friends this year.

Can you hear Joey Lawrence going “Whoa!”?

I guess that’s what being over 30 is all about (okay, maybe not about Joey going “whoa”…).




One birth announcement I received at the end of 2012 was so special, I just had to share.

Of course it was designed by a proud graphic designer dad:


birth announcement by ruigwerk


Speaking of life and such…

Many of you know by now I used to be a psychologist.
Some of my best memories of university include the first year classes ‘Theory of Personality’. We got to watch the Up Series!

Of course as a just out of high school student I was very happy about the video part.


But also this documentary was, and is, so incredibly fascinating.

The Up Series is a series of documentary films, directed by Michael Apted, that follows the lives of fourteen British children since 1964, when they were seven years old. The documentary has had nine episodes spanning 56 years (one episode every seven years). The last one has just been released.

The series is in no way of scientifical value (of course the participants are also influenced by being portrayed) and most participants are very critical of the documentary.
That just makes it even more interesting.
So many facets there.

A must see!



4 antwoorden
  1. Judith
    Judith zegt:

    Ik zit ook midden in ‘n babyboom en ook middenin de Up Series! Ben bij 7 begonnen en nu zijn ze inmiddels 28. Nog een aantal uren te gaan dus, maar een prachtig tijdsbeeld! Ik vind het vooral zo bijzonder om te lezen dat de docu zelf hun leven zoveel heeft beinvloed. En grappig dat Michael Apted nu vindt dat hij meer meisjes had moeten “uitkiezen” destijds :)

  2. Jen Appel
    Jen Appel zegt:

    They were talking about the Up series on the radio today. 56 Up is playing this week – but I think I would want to see the others first to get all the significance.

    But interesting – great they have been able to keep it going.


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