Delicious Dudes Quartets – Week one: Luke Wilson

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Together with Becka, Katriona, Marloes, YinaTineke, Miriam, Minke, NancyIna and, last but not least, Nelleke, I entered a fun project, hashtagged #DD #quartets.

Can you guess what it is?


Tatatataaaa: a Delicious Dudes quartets! (jummy! ;))


We got this idea when some of us were discussing jummy men on twitter and Philomeen shouted out “it looks like y’all are playing quartets here!”. It started out as a joke, but then turned into a serious, but still loads of fun, project with other illustrators joining in.


Check it out! We will be posting Delicious Dudes every Friday in November.

My first submission:


delicious dudes quartets category movember moustaches luke wilson by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


(Quartets is a Dutch game by origin (they might play it in Germany too). It’s mostly played by kids. In Dutch stores you can find a lot of different themes to quartets. Like a ‘Miffy’ quartet, an animal quartet and so one. You can find more information on how the game is played here.