Update training Voor de Kunstenaar: Target in sight!

The last (start-up) months of Voor de Kunstenaar have been so incredibly informative in terms of crowdfunding and social media (not to mention product photography – a surprise workshop by Fred van Welie!).


Last Saturday the official launch of Voor de Kunstenaar had finally arrived: first day of training!


Before us stands Martin Buursen, a smooth guy stuffing our eager little souls with the promise that in 2012 we will have achieved our dream?! Yes, he is, and this gentleman is also using the same techniques I have used so often with others, can you believe it?


Imagine yourself a year from now at exactly the place you want to be, being a successful entrepreneur. What would that look like?


It turns out to be a wonderful day. Fantasizing is being encouraged, in fact, ‘yes but’ is being swept under the carpet: anything goes.

My idea of success has been clear to me for a while now:


Since I’ve been to Hamburg last year, I want to be a Hamburger!


In Hamburg graphic designers and illustrators have ‘open’ studios everywhere (especially in the quarter St. Pauli). Nobody seems to be only one thing or does only one thing. Everywhere the most fantastic combinations are being made . In their workspace designers are running a bar, a barber shop or a store. I would love to rent a large space together with a fine group of people from different disciplines. A large space in which we can work and simultaneously sell our own work and that of others. A place where doors are always open and where there’s a lot of interaction going on.


“You can not get there from here, but you can get here from there,” says Martin.


After all the dreaming comes the practical part: how are you going to make this happen? We chop the dream into small bite-sized chunks, consider possible obstacles and well, why not also their solutions?

On the wall in my studio now hangs the greatest poster ever. Who knows…will you join me in celebrating the opening of my studio and shop on October 1, 2012?


Website Voor de Kunstenaar: http://www.voordekunstenaar.nl/.