Workshops at Snor Festival & Yvestown Fair this weekend!

I love it when friends hit it off.

After their amazing collab on Yvonne’s cookbook, Yvestown and the Snor ladies are now organizing an amazing festival this weekend!

Think Yvestown Fair, think cocktails, food, music & books.

Also I will be hosting two workshops: collage and creative thinking.
Check out the full program right here:

See you there!


Ellen Vesters geeft workshops bij festival door uitgeverij Snor

Join my Illustration courses! // Illustratiecursussen in Utrecht!

workshop illustratie door ellen vesters


Have you always wanted to learn how to illustrate?

I will help you find your own unique style. By working on different assignments and trying out different materials and techniques, you will develop your own signature. With humor and a proper dose of enthusiasm I will dare you to make as many ‘ugly’ things as possible. When you can learn to let go of making beautiful stuff and have the courage to experiment, you can achieve an inspiring imagery of your own.

Experience is no requirement, but you have to dare to be creative. In my courses the accent is not on technical drawing, but on experimenting and discovering your possibilities within the field of illustration!


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Wilde jij altijd al leren illustreren? 

In mij lessen help ik je jouw unieke illustratiestijl te vinden. Door middel van verschillende opdrachten, waar steeds weer andere materialen en technieken aan te pas komen, leer je je eigen handschrift ontdekken. Je maakt kennis met de verschillende vormen van illustratief ontwerpen, zoals: prentenboekentekeningen, posters, logo’s en tekenen vanuit je eigen fascinatie. Met de nodige humor en een flinke dosis enthousiasme daag ik je uit tot het maken van zoveel mogelijk ‘lélijke’ dingen. Juist als je het maken van het zoveelste mooie plaatje weet los te laten en durft te experimenteren, kun je tot een inspirerende eigen beeldtaal komen.

Ervaring is geen vereiste, maar je moet wel creatief durven zijn. Het gaat niet om lessen waarbij de aandacht ligt op het technisch tekenen, maar juist op het experimenteren en ontdekken van nieuwe mogelijkheden van illustreren!


Je vindt mij bij Urlaub, een uniek cursuscentrum in het creatieve hart van Utrecht.
Op het moment geef ik daar de cursus Prentenboeken Illustreren:


workshop illustratie door ellen vesters

Party Hard

planet fur_party hard_ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer

“Party hard” is what Miss Planet Fur wished us innocent creative souls at the start of 2013.

Boy, were we in for a surprise.


Intergalactic powers, she has.


Last week I was invited to no less then five openings and one lecture in two days time!

I slept through was too busy to visit the lecture (soooo sorry, Mr Van Gaasbeek…) and made it to three of the five openings.


First up:

Elle Aime!

Big wow factor. Big standard set for my own shop-in-the-making.
Elle Aime is dedicated to the crafty types among us.
The shop is filled with all kinds of craft materials as well as finished products (so much nice stuff…!).
Make sure you go there asap and do enter one of the workshops. You will have a great time for sure.


elle aime shop lisa manuels__ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


Second stop:


MamaMarketing is THE Dutch platform for women that are starting their own webshop, although I can recommend it to anyone starting out as entrepeneur.
Their website is the place to go for advice on a number of subjects, including branding, SEO, etc.
The party I was invited to actually was a launchparty where the Mamamarketeers launched a productline, ranging from worksheets to workshops.
I can’t wait for their app to come out (soon!) which will also include a Quote Coach (love that)!
(you can read all about MamaMarketing in their mini magazine)


opening party mamamarketing webwinkel minimagazine_ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer copy


Third up:

Fred & Guus!

Fred & Guus sell art by young designers (including yours truly) and also offer a stage for the most amazing vintage finds.
In a short timespan they have managed to make an important mark in the Utrecht art scene.
Their taste for art is impeccable.
As is their taste for great parties!
(Which they promise to throw once every month!)


opening party fred en guus shop galerie_ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


You can’t visit a party without gifts, don’t you agree?

So I decided to give everyone a Dutch Dwelling of their own city.

This meant designing two more Dutch houses: Rotterdam and Den Haag (also known als ‘s-Gravenhage).

They will be added to my Etsy shop shortly, for all of you Rotterdam and Den Haag lovers out there.

Tell me when you feel like your city has been left out and I will try to make some time to include it!


dutch dwellings hollandje huisjes rotterdam_ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer

Are you as curious as I am about the missed lecture by Mr Van Gaasbeek?

Watch Utrecht’s Creative Mornings channel at Vimeo. Very soon his video will be uploaded!