Home again

Nothing better than coming home, after four weeks on the road, to a mailbox filled with good-news-cards and little presents!

(still making little improvements on this website, from now on: bigger images)



(first time ever ever I won a giveaway! thank you, Octavie!)

ellen vesters kim welling

Kim Welling

ellen vesters tattly



The downside of traveling to the other side of this planet: after missing just one night, Mr Sleep decided he needed some time apart…

Jetlag. Pf.


If Mr Sleep will ever decide to return to me (come on, I am on my knees here!), I will post some of my holiday pics in the coming days.

Look what I got!

Today was my birthday. And look what came in the mail:



I can’t believe it! After shouting out on the internet (meant for my friends) that this image was number one on my wishlist, the lovely creator – illustrator Nelleke Verhoeff – sent it to me herself!


And I love it!