Fascinating fashion made from collections

Pet, the artist from Utrecht that collects collections ( now has this amazing project where designers have been making the most fascinating fashion from his collections!

I was there at the coolest fashion show ever, which took place in a huge collector’s fair. So cool to be there…


The famous collector of collections

Remember the lamp I made from sunglasses…?


It’s featured as one of the many artworks of Pets Marktplaats in the book of the same name, and this book (…drumroll…) made it to the Longlist Dutch Doc Award, the biggest award for documentary photography!


So proud of Mr. P van de Luijtgaarden and his many collections!


You can buy the book here: It’s quite the object: 160 Folded posters, bound together with a rubber strap.


A touching documentary on Pet van de Luijtgaarden:


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