For me it is important to get some teaching every once in a while. I love how being a student makes you look more critical at your work again and makes you step beyond your own borders.

The last weeks I have been going to classes by well-known dutch illustrator Kim Welling (I’ve been a fan of her work for ages and she turned out to live in my hometown!).

She surely made me do the coolest things. Below an illustration that was based on a famous dutch poem about a super guppy: a little fish that survived a cat attack, unfortunately the only one of his troop…


The poem (in Dutch):

Alle  guppen die ik had,

zwemmen nu in onze kat.

Nou ja, waarschijnlijk zijn ze dood,

hij viste zo, zó met zijn poot.

Er is er één maar die hij miste.

O, omdat hij zich vergiste?

Katje dom en van de tel?

Of zwom die ene veel te snel?

Maakt niet, kan me niet schelen –

liever dan dat hele kluppie

heb ik deze in zijn uppie:

Superguppie in mijn kom.

Er nog zijn,

dáár gaat het om.


7 Days of Inspiration

Let me tell you about a beautiful dutch initiative. In 2009 Martijn Aslander felt inspired by the clean up project in Estland and decided to found the 7 Days of Inspiration. His idea: to give the Netherlands an upgrade by spreading inspiration on social goodwill, culminating in 7 Days of Inspiration.


7 Days of inspiration has grown to be a week full of positivity.


This year the 7 Days took place in the first week of march. 14 Dutch cities were involved! All kinds of people came together to start all kinds of inspirational sustainable initiatives.

I contributed to the magazine that was launched that week. The magazine found it’s inspiration in a dutch part of the twitter community called “dare to ask”. You can use the hashtag #daretoask if you have some burning question, and with which you can make an appeal to other tweeps to help you out. The magazine thought this was characteristic of social goodwill.

41 Professionals collaborated in this magazine. Illustrators and photographers were asked to use a tweet as inspiration for their art. The one I used said: who wants to make a dance of joy with me?

My illustration:


ellen vesters vreugdedans dance twitter


ellen vesters vreugdedans dance twitter


Very happy when I opened the magazine (and the paper smelled sooo good!):


ellen vesters vreugdedans dance twitter


Here’s a link to the complete magazine, I am on page 31: