Letter blog

Dearest readers…

Forget about snailmail.

There’s a new concept in town.


The Letter blog!


Italian rooted Dutch creative centipede Chiara van den Berg spent wintertime at her family’s old casa in Palermo.

There she came across beautiful old craftpapers and envelopes.
At a garage sale she found inspiring antique and devotional pictures.

She cut, glued and wrote, and there it was. One letter blog. Everyday.

When her stay had ended she had made twentynine letters.


I decided to order one of them. That Churchill picture alone would’ve been worth the money.

Chiara van den Berg Letter blog

Chiara van den Berg Letter blog


Would you also like to receive a letterblog? Chiara is still sending them all over the world!
You just need to transfer €3,50 to her account, so she won’t starve on all those orders and can still have nice vegan dinners every night.

Check out all twentynine Palermo letters right here.

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