The truth about The Woonbeurs

So. The Woonbeurs.


The truth about the Woonbeurs…is that after all the craziness and mania that is called Woonbeurs, for a week I lived like a zombie.
From different sides I had been told that this was completely normal post-fair behaviour.




“Never mind”, I told myself, “the enjoy-your-succes-part will soon arrive”. Unfortunately when the end of the zombie era came in sight there were some nasty family circumstances to deal with. And well… at that point in time super-grumpy Ellen kicked in.

My recipe: a nice night with friends and a walk with Mr Rockstar through the always welcoming city of Antwerp. My clearer head told me: circumstances can’t be changed and no one wouldn’t want me to enjoy my success.


So. I gave myself a good kick in the butt to have a little Woonbeurs blog party tonight.


Even though the Woonbeurs is a subject that’s already long gone in blog country.
Even though everybody has already moved on to write about autumny stuff.
Even though I really have to start working on me OD’ing you guys on exclamation marks.

I’m turning back time two-and-a-half weeks, when:

  • I got to build my own little living room together with friend Kim Welling.
  • I got to work together with a very talented designer I admire: Femke Veltkamp!
  • I got to meet so many online friends, which for me, always is the best part of events like these.
  • We were a huge success with people calling us a fresh breeze after all the hardcore designs out there. Woohoo! Exactly what we were hoping for!
  • The whole reason I dreamed of having a shop was to see for myself how people react to my work, to meet and interact with like minded people. That was exactly what happened. We had such fun!
  • My favorite magazine published an interview with Urlaub on their blog!
  • And then afterwards… over 15 blogs rewarded our hard work with lovely pictures and words about the shop! (check for links)


Yaaaay for The Woonbeurs! Thanks everyone! ;)


Check out these cooooool pictures (and the nice blogs they originate from)!



woonbeurs spaziale

woonbeurs spaziale


woonbeurs mikodesign


woonbeurs refreshbug


woonbeurs liefgeval

A good friend of mine was just there as this nice lady bought three of my prints all at once:


woonbeurs enigheid

And for the Grand Final a big thank you to the friend that was watching me the whole fair and offered a welcome little break every now and then.  (Look at it! I so so so wanted to take that gorgeous thing home!)


Opening up shop?

We’re coming out!


Since I took some classes last fall by the lovely Kim Welling, we have become friends. Kim is the sweetest person. And as it turnes out: we share the same dream! After much quietness…we are finally coming out!

We have applied for a space in Utrecht to open up an illustration shop/ studio together!


Utterly excited we are.


We can hardly stand waiting for the news that we will be in or not… We will have to wait till June… Oh, June…!

Fingers crossed!


Last week Kim and I went to Breda to learn about owning a shop by the kind (and so funny!) Pamela from beautiful Feito Com Amor.

See Kim’s post about the visit:


illustration shop studio urlaub feito com amor ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer

Thanks so much, Pamela, for being so frank and giving us so much wonderful advice!