Look what I got!

Today was my birthday. And look what came in the mail:



I can’t believe it! After shouting out on the internet (meant for my friends) that this image was number one on my wishlist, the lovely creator – illustrator Nelleke Verhoeff – sent it to me herself!


And I love it!



Me painting my man…

Wow wow wow! Kitty Kilian did a portrait of me and my man and I am unbelievably happy with it. Oh, how I love it!

While I was at it I also bought another great little art piece of hers. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.





Poetry Collaboration

It’s been a little while ago, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on this fascinating collaboration. In february, together with the amazing Gilly Rochester and Daria Hlazato I was featured on the Creaure Mag blog with an illustration accompanying a grim poem by Ben Macnair.

The image of a crime scene immediately made me think of an infamous, brutal murder in the Netherlands. On the 2nd of november, 2004, filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered by an extremist, because of his controversial opinions. The illustration I made was inspired by one of the most well known pictures from this time. The ice bears are a reference to the snow in Bens poem and to the white suits, worn by the crime scene investigators.


Bens poem and my illustration:

Crime Scene
Don’t follow the red snow,
it is a warning,
that around here are
Grim fairy tales
with an eighteen certificate.

ellen vesters crimescene