It’s oh so quiet

My biggest and greatest project thus far (the baby, not the card ;))! ☼

And also the reason that I have been relatively quiet for a while. Still studying Children’s Book Illustration in the UK, but for now my life is spent mostly offline, so a little less sharing of personal work.

(we pronounce June the Dutch way)


Birth announcement by illustrator ellen vesters

All eyes on Meike

A couple of weeks ago I got an unusual request.

An educational institution asked me for a couple of sketches of a character that would depict three processes, namely Development, Planning and Evaluation of educational programs.

Nothing unusual about that.


However, they then asked me for something that is a big no go in ‘illustration land’…
someone else would turn my sketches into the final drawing!


I will let the final image speak for itself.
This kid’s got some skills… Meike is only seven years old!!!



ellen vesters illustrator utrecht

Waterboarding for you and for me

eddy wally performing waterboarding song by ellen vesters graphic designer illustrator utrecht


Ever since Mr Rockstar has had a recent Manfest he can’t stop mimicking this guy called Eddy Wally.


For those of you to whom the name doesn’t ring a bell (I wouldn’t know if that would be a good or a bad thing, really…!): Eddy Wally is an infamous Belgian-Eurotrash-singer-slash-camp-clown.


He made quite the old age comeback after appearing as a sidekick on a television quiz, amongst other things asking people what they know about the iPad, whilst singing the “waterboarding song” (of course, having no clue what it is…!).


Just watch the clip below and let me have some fun imagining you going:
“Oh. My. Lord. (…)”