Don’t-do-it-yourself Utrecht is growing!

Have been cutting till late yesterday night. I made nametags with an Utrecht silhouette for a group of 30 people that came to my Don’t-do-it-yourself night today!


doe het niet zelf don't do it yourself


doe het niet zelf don't do it yourself


Don’t-do-it-yourself Open Studio

Do you remember when I was talking about having discovered this great Dutch initiative, called DDIY: don’t-do-it-yourself (in Dutch: DHNZ, doe-het-niet-zelf)?

Well… I am thinking about being their representative in my city. To begin with I will have a try out of the ‘Open Studio night’. I always used to go to Amsterdam for these lovely nights. Now I can join my own in Utrecht! (the organization already gave me the official t-shirt, as a sign of confidence, hence my cheesy happy face ;-))


doe het niet zelf don't do it yourself


The concept:

DHNZ Open Studios are held regularly. Nothing can be traded for cash. The heart of the evening is to do something for each other. People arrive with a question that they themselves don’t hold the answer to.

Open Studios start around dinner time. Everyone will take their own food/ drinks and it is eaten together. Next there’s explored who needs what. Tasks are divided and then it’s ready to go! (in the end it is all about the action).


Do you have a question you need help with?


Do you need a website, an illustration, a logo, a good letter of application, or any questions about the meaning of existence?


Then do come to the try-out this Thursday the 22nd of December, 18:00-23:00.


E-mail me for more information!