Bad hair days…

A quick get-well-soon-card for my favorite hairdresser. What are we without our hair artists?!

(it reads: Femke, we miss you!)



And on my way to delivery I discovered this sweet question on the side of a building. One of Utrecht’s most famous graffiti artists, Jan is de Man, asking his girlfriend to marry him.

To paint a whole house for the one you love…!


Personalized wedding portrait: A New York Love Affair

A fantastic commission for a personalized wedding portrait reached me a little while ago. A group of guys wanted to surprise a friend of theirs that was getting married. The concerning husband and wife to be were huge New York (and America) lovers and they had wanted a portrait of NY for a while to adorn their new home. The guys asked me to combine a portrait of the couple with a portrait of New York, including their favourite colour: purple.

It had been ages ago since I did a project like this one (and ages ago since I had to be so supersupersecretive about something, not my best quality ;)), but I think I succeeded quite well. I printed it at my favorite printer in Utrecht, Verhoeff: a giclée print on Hahnemühle paper, which I adore. I love working on private commisions like this one. The personal connection, making a nice couple happy with your work, the idea that it will be looked at with happy memories every day…


personalized wedding portrait

If you would like a customized/ personalized wedding portrait or family portrait like this one too, then feel welcome to have a look at my Etsy shop!

Retro weddingcard frontpage at Etsy International!

Wow…! So happy that jewelry artist Barbera Ploeg was so kind to inform me I was featured on the Etsy International FB Page today…


Once with my Golden-Oldie retro weddingcard ( and once with the special postcard stand featuring 15 Dutch Etsy Illustrators at the Amsterdam Museum, also featuring an old favourite: the bearded man! (


retro weddingcard by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


not so perfect people beard man by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer