Rob Hodgson

Since Kim’s ‘5 questions to…’ I have been a loyal follower of Rob Hodgson‘s work.
And now the man came up with these fantastic pencil sets.

Have. to. have.

Unfortunately Urban Graphics is not yet responding to my obsessive questioning as to when they’ll be in the shop.

Update, 03/02/2015: “Hi Ellen! The pencils will be in stock around April, follow us on Instagram at @urbangraphic for all news on our latest product releases :)”

rob hodgson pencil sets

rob hodgson pencil sets

rob hodgson pencil sets

Creative mornings – part III

The video is here!



Thank you so much for having me, Creative Mornings!

I promise to deliver some new shizzleness (aka drawings) next week.


Honey, I’m home!

Sooo this kitty has been on a huge adventure this past year!

This kitty has been a-round.

Smelled all the grasses we could get our noses on, sniffed some delicioso petrol, rolled in the most prettiest amazingest sands.


And, now that I’ve seen the world, it is time to get back on the blogging track again and get out my BFF’s: Miss Pencil and Miss Paper.


Honey, I’m home!


Gif cool kitty

Gif via Catleecious