First time: live drawing!

Had the most amazing time tonight, drawing live at one of my favourite places in Utrecht: Hooi, the cutest “notting-hill-like” lunchroom. So much fun! The evening was filled with tasty finger bites, poetic music and a beautiful story by Bordenvol. I made postcards of people’s favorite drink or food, giving it a quirky twist:



 Do you see my dreaming series in the background?

They will remain in the lunchroom for a mini-exhibition!







Please excuse me for the poor quality of the images. Forgot my camera, so had to make pictures with my crappy phone camera… (and of course forgot to photograph three quarters of the drawings because the rush I was in).



A little texty souvenir that I brought home from the amazing Gulbenkian in Lisbon.

Make sure you click the first picture to enlarge it, and to be able to read the full story (and maybe the zoom function on your compu too?). I couldn’t find a personal website, but check out Joao Penalva if he ever has an exhibition near you.

ellen vesters barry kovacks

ellen vesters barry kovacks



Dream a little dream of me…

Already a year ago, after a decade of deliberation, I decided to finally cut the knot and go for creative entrepreneurship. Since then I have felt more inspired in life than ever before. Perhaps most of all because of all the sweet, nice and interesting people I’ve met.


In the past year, among other things, I came across the organization Don’t-do-it-yourself. Don’t-do-it-yourself organises networking events, where it’s not so much about networking, but more about working for each other. For me, it represents a guarantee that I will have the most inspiring day or evening, full of brainstorming and sharing cool ideas. Arnoud and Marcel and their friends always know so well how to inspire people, to make them let go of what they know, let go of fears about a room filled with new people, and to just have a wonderful afternoon. Every time the best new connections arise. (Dutchies: kom op, waar wacht je op, meld je aan!)


When Don’t-do-it-yourself announced that they would organize an evening especially for illustrators, I immediately responded. They were scouting for illustrators to work on a book about the analyzing of dreams. Interesting! We came with dozens of us to team up with the writers. I’ve already showed you before what work I made that night. After submitting it I had to wait for months to know if I was selected and as you’d expect by now…


I did it! I’m in the book!


ellen vesters wat heb jij gedroomd vannacht


The book has turned out beautiful. Dream Coach Nicoline Douwes Isema attracted writer Cathelijne Esser to put all her knowledge into words and they have certainly succeeded. In a very accessible and entertaining way, they discuss how your brain works at night and how you can make the most use of all those nocturnal images. Besides the compelling content the book is filled with the works of talented illustrators.
(Unfortunately for now it is only available in dutch)

Find out more about the power of dreams here:


ellen vesters wat heb jij gedroomd vannacht


ellen vesters wat heb jij gedroomd vannacht


ellen vesters wat heb jij gedroomd vannacht sloth luiaard