Exhibition: Fred & Guus Pop Up Gallery coming up!

My favourite art business in Utrecht is opening up shop!


Fred&Guus is dedicated to exhibiting and selling art from Utrecht. Especially/ also making way for the artist with a psychiatric background. As someone who has worked in psychiatry for almost a decade of course this speaks to me very loudly!


They’ve asked me to join in on their shop adventure, selling my graphical prints: the not-so-perfect-people prints and Mr Robot in their “Pop Up Gallery” (“pop” = Dutch for doll, hence the cool flyer ;)).


fred en guus pop up gallery not so perfect people nerds and robot

fred en guus pop up gallery not so perfect people nerds and robot


For updates on their agenda, check:




Sorry I have been so quiet last week, but I was busy with my first exhibition featuring my illustrations!


It was great having so much wonderful feedback on my work (and selling my new stuff!). Going to catch some sleep now, will try to keep this smile on my face for some days to come.


The picturrrressss:













My fellow participants:

Barbera Ploeg – jewelry designer

Bea Peter – independant art

Coen Hamelink – illustration

Frank Boogaard – bronze sculptor

Lammert Kraaijeveld – music production/ engineering/ sound directing

Lisette Spapens – glass artist

Marije van Wieringen – painter

Nadine Faber – painter

Lisbeth J. Veillat – independent art


Update training Voor de Kunstenaar: Exhibition and auction this weekend!

A 5.3 on my economics exam.


I was sure I would never have another look at stuff that would remind me in the slightest of this terrible subject. Nothing could be further from the truth. The past six months hardly a day passed that wasn’t dominated by business planning, financial planning, marketing, communication etc etc. All this time I participated in the intensive training program of Voor de Kunstenaar and I had fun too!


And now I’m Super Entrepreneur.


Or is this only the beginning?


In any case, this weekend me and my nine colleagues will party big time, celebrating finishing our studyprogram. The group of Voor de Kunstenaar will occupy gallery RudolfV in the heart of Amsterdam for a weekend with a beautiful exhibition. The art ranges from graphic work, oil painting, jewelry, sculptural work and glass painting to music production.


This Friday night, you are very welcome at our opening party. On Sunday you can visit the gallery to bid on various works of the participants and pick up a nice artwork for an affordable price.




And then what?

I have great plans for 2012. In 2011 I met many wonderful people with whom I am drawing up some interesting ideas.

In December 2011 I just managed to organize the first Don’t-do-it-yourself Open-Studio-night in Utrecht (should be wicked to use this in wordfeud). It was a great success and I’ve decided to make it a monthly evening (if you want to join in, email me).

With some colleagues from Voor de Kunstenaar we will fill a huge container in the center of Zaandam (a city with close ties to the sea), where we will participate in the LEFestival. We will build a genuine Zaan-beast out of waste ( I’ve never been to Zaandam, but this festival sounds very promising. The design of the website alone is a real treat.


Talking about websites … in 2012, I will finish my promised new website! (according to my training it should express my style more, so it should be a cleaner, more minimal look with elements of humor ;))


Website Voor de Kunstenaar: