Update training Voor de Kunstenaar: Pressure cooker

A 5.3 on my economics exam.


I was sure I would never have another look at stuff that would remind me in the slightest of this terrible subject. Nothing could be further from the truth. The past six months hardly a day passed that wasn’t dominated by business planning, financial planning, marketing, communication etc etc. All this time I participated in the intensive training program of Voor de Kunstenaar and I had fun too!


Looking back …


…Voor de Kunstenaar came to me at exactly the right time. For a while already I had it in my head that I had to give more space to the profession of illustrator. I seized Voor de Kunstenaar as the pressure cooker I needed to jump into, to finally fully address all the business stuff that I had left hanging around. And now there’s a result I am proud of. Important decisions have been taken. And above all, I have come to the conclusion that my recipe ‘believe – work hard – push through’ works!


And now I’m Super Entrepreneur.


Or is this only beginning?

I have great plans for 2012. In 2011 I met many wonderful people with whom I am drawing up some interesting ideas. It seems that quite a few intentions from my business plan are coming true sooner than planned. Soms big changes are knocking on my door, unfortunately at this moment I still have to keep my mouth shut about them. I pledge to work very hard on finishing my site as soon as possible so I can bring you some cool news before summer!


Marca van den Broek, thank you for providing the pressure cooker, thanks to all donors for igniting the fire underneath, and thanks to the group of Voor de Kunstenaar for the necessary fuel to the fire and putting a lid on the cooker when needed.



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Update training Voor de Kunstenaar: Ah well…

Ah well… Being a person that is expecting people to open up on a daily basis in her psychology practice…the day will come…


On the second day of training we learn more about one of those expressions that always sound so terrible to me: market research. It brings me back immediately to the big F on my economy exam.


In order to make money selling your work, it is useful to know where your market is lies. And how you can position yourself in this market. And there are those words coming to me again. Ah well…




Marca van den Broek knows no “ah well…”. Filled with enthusiasm, she tells us how we can get a better picture of our customers in a good and pleasant way. Our heads are  being stuffed with information. Terms that previously sounded like abracadabra are becoming surprisingly simple. The homework: making a competitor analysis, taking a customer survey and having informative talks with (successful) people in my network!


The questions I want to ask my customers are coming to me very quickly. What fun this is! I am becoming more and more curious how my work is seen by the people around me, especially by potential buyers. Behind the scenes I am continually developing my style. For the Voor de Kunstenaar exhibition everything must come together, so from that moment on I can ROCK in acquisition. Will the people who will be filling out my survey also be most attracted to the work that is closest to my own handwriting?


And if I’m really opening up here, in two weeks time I will also have to discuss the results with you. Ah well…



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