Creative mornings – part II

ellen vesters at creative mornings by phillip gangan

/// Photo by Phillip Gangan


Four weeks ago I gave in to the idea of doing a talk. In English.
Sold out venue.
75 People in the audience.

And you know what: I survived!

And like always when I succumb to doing things that scare the scheisse out of me…
I loved it.


ellen vesters at creative mornings by Артем Бедный

/// Photo by Артем Бедный


So. If you know of any event-needs-speaker adverts: count me in!


A lovely article was written by journalist Phillip Gangan.
(gosh, I keep reading that title: “Changing course: In pursuit of our true calling”)
And, in the next few weeks the video will go online.


For now you’ll have to do with my slides.
I must say that I have no idea why the first slide is looking this strange.
I blame Bowie.



Wow, you scrolled all the way down!
You are rewarded with a little post-creative-mornings-reflection


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