Life at the MA – Part I

Since September I have been flying back and forth between Utrecht and Cambridge to follow the MA course in Children’s Book Illustration. It’s about time I show some of the work I’ve been doing!

The first module was all about observational drawing.
Back to basics, baby.

This is the first out of four blogposts showing pages from my sketchbooks.
Part I: Getting back into line drawing again and trying out coloured pencils.

(P.S. The summer school that changed my life is back online again!)

 illustrator ellen vesters sketching in studio


early sketch figures and trash can at deventer station by ellen vesters illustrator from utrecht


early sketch old man young man pigeon at utrecht central station by ellen vesters illustrator from utrecht



Waterboarding for you and for me

eddy wally performing waterboarding song by ellen vesters graphic designer illustrator utrecht


Ever since Mr Rockstar has had a recent Manfest he can’t stop mimicking this guy called Eddy Wally.


For those of you to whom the name doesn’t ring a bell (I wouldn’t know if that would be a good or a bad thing, really…!): Eddy Wally is an infamous Belgian-Eurotrash-singer-slash-camp-clown.


He made quite the old age comeback after appearing as a sidekick on a television quiz, amongst other things asking people what they know about the iPad, whilst singing the “waterboarding song” (of course, having no clue what it is…!).


Just watch the clip below and let me have some fun imagining you going:
“Oh. My. Lord. (…)”