Oh Marie Magazine

Sometimes you come across art directors or graphic designers that are so inspiring to work with, that you end up finding a whole new layer in your illustrative work.

This was the case in working with Marlous Snijder of Oh Marie Magazine, and Casper Boot of Ja Hallo.


Together with Casper a grand cover was made and of course also a quirky inside illustration was needed (the sketches were simply too delicious to only stick with one).
I feel so happy with the results!


Check out the magazine by clicking on the image below:

Oh Marie Magazine Dazzle Painting cover Ellen Vesters illustrator graphic designer.jpg

My art work – based around the theme Dazzle Painting//pattern//camouflage:
(you can expect these as prints in my shop soon!)
Oh Marie Magazine Dazzle Painting Masai Ellen Vesters illustrator graphic designer



Zebra on skateboard for Oh Marie Magazine issue Dazzled painting by illustrator Ellen Vesters

Delicious Dudes Quartets – Week two: Oliver Jeffers

Yay! It’s already the second week of the Delicious Dudes Quartets! My head’s spinning by now, watching all these lovely men arriving on my twitter timeline! ;)

We’ve even got other illustrators joining us in the fun!


After some practice drawing Luke Wilson, this week I went all out on my biggest moustache infatuation ever: Oliver Jeffers.

I have got a HUGE crush on Mr Oliver ever since I saw this interview on Kitty Kilian‘s blog (red moustache alert!)…


delicious dudes quartets category movember moustaches oliver jeffers by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


About this series:

Together with BeckaKatrionaMarloesYinaTinekeMiriamMinkeNancyIna and, last but not least, Nelleke, I entered a fun project on Twitter, hashtagged #DD #quartets.

The goal of the game is to collect as many quartets (a quartet is a set of four cards) as possible. Each card indicates to what set it belongs.
All the illustrators have a different theme. My theme is “Movember Moustaches”. Each illustrator will post an illustration a week. By the end of the month each set is complete.
With the other sets you can play the game!

We will be posting Delicious Dudes every Friday in November.

You can also check us out on our Tumblr: http://delicious-dudes-quartets.tumblr.com/

Delicious Dudes Quartets – Week one: Luke Wilson

If you’re not on twitter yet, do it now!

Together with Becka, Katriona, Marloes, YinaTineke, Miriam, Minke, NancyIna and, last but not least, Nelleke, I entered a fun project, hashtagged #DD #quartets.

Can you guess what it is?


Tatatataaaa: a Delicious Dudes quartets! (jummy! ;))


We got this idea when some of us were discussing jummy men on twitter and Philomeen shouted out “it looks like y’all are playing quartets here!”. It started out as a joke, but then turned into a serious, but still loads of fun, project with other illustrators joining in.


Check it out! We will be posting Delicious Dudes every Friday in November.

My first submission:


delicious dudes quartets category movember moustaches luke wilson by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer


(Quartets is a Dutch game by origin (they might play it in Germany too). It’s mostly played by kids. In Dutch stores you can find a lot of different themes to quartets. Like a ‘Miffy’ quartet, an animal quartet and so one. You can find more information on how the game is played here.