Oh Marie Magazine

Sometimes you come across art directors or graphic designers that are so inspiring to work with, that you end up finding a whole new layer in your illustrative work.

This was the case in working with Marlous Snijder of Oh Marie Magazine, and Casper Boot of Ja Hallo.


Together with Casper a grand cover was made and of course also a quirky inside illustration was needed (the sketches were simply too delicious to only stick with one).
I feel so happy with the results!


Check out the magazine by clicking on the image below:

Oh Marie Magazine Dazzle Painting cover Ellen Vesters illustrator graphic designer.jpg

My art work – based around the theme Dazzle Painting//pattern//camouflage:
(you can expect these as prints in my shop soon!)
Oh Marie Magazine Dazzle Painting Masai Ellen Vesters illustrator graphic designer



Zebra on skateboard for Oh Marie Magazine issue Dazzled painting by illustrator Ellen Vesters

Waterboarding for you and for me

eddy wally performing waterboarding song by ellen vesters graphic designer illustrator utrecht


Ever since Mr Rockstar has had a recent Manfest he can’t stop mimicking this guy called Eddy Wally.


For those of you to whom the name doesn’t ring a bell (I wouldn’t know if that would be a good or a bad thing, really…!): Eddy Wally is an infamous Belgian-Eurotrash-singer-slash-camp-clown.


He made quite the old age comeback after appearing as a sidekick on a television quiz, amongst other things asking people what they know about the iPad, whilst singing the “waterboarding song” (of course, having no clue what it is…!).


Just watch the clip below and let me have some fun imagining you going:
“Oh. My. Lord. (…)”


Creative Mornings Utrecht

Those of you that are living abroad, will probably already have heard of Creative Mornings, a concept that was put out there by the ever inventive SwissMiss, Tina Roth Eisenberg:


Creative Mornings is a global breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each monthly event is free of charge and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee!”


Finally they came to the Netherlands and, very happily ever after for me, they landed in Utrecht! Among other designers they asked me to deliver some (breakfast themed) designs for little magnets to fill their goody bags with. As I am all for free sharing, I was happy to oblige.


Below the designs I made for them.

My personal favorite was chosen: can you guess which one?


creative mornings utrecht button magnet fridge smoothie fruit shake by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designercreative mornings utrecht button magnet fridge coffee tea bath by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designercreative mornings utrecht button magnet fridge strawberries by ellen vesters illustrator graphic designer