Creative mornings – part II

ellen vesters at creative mornings by phillip gangan

/// Photo by Phillip Gangan

Four weeks ago I gave in to the idea of doing a talk. In English.
Sold out venue.
75 People in the audience.

And you know what: I survived!

And like always when I succumb to doing things that scare the scheisse out of me…
I loved it.

ellen vesters at creative mornings by Артем Бедный

/// Photo by Артем Бедный

So. If you know of any event-needs-speaker adverts: count me in!

A lovely article was written by journalist Phillip Gangan.
(gosh, I keep reading that title: “Changing course: In pursuit of our true calling”)
And, in the next few weeks the video will go online.


For now you’ll have to do with my slides.
I must say that I have no idea why the first slide is looking this strange.
I blame Bowie.

Wow, you scrolled all the way down!
You are rewarded with a little post-creative-mornings-reflection

Bobblehead Blaudzun

Had to get this bobblehead Blaudzun image out of my system.
(click the ‘play’ button below to see it move to the music)

bobblehead blaudzun


This song is played endlessly on television these days, being the ending theme song of the Olympic broadcasts.
Welcoming bold choice!

Update // 7.19 pm, over at Twitter: