Taking of…!

Hi there and welcome to my world!

I am Ellen Vesters, an illustrator based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Ever since I was a little girl I was ‘the dreamy one’, the one that was always observing the world around her. With the years I felt more and more attracted to all that would differ from what was considered normal or standard. Perfection can bore me very easily where imperfection excites me. As people we are naturally attracted to the average, it makes it easier to make sense of the world around us, to bring order to chaos. But, don’t we agree that what makes the world a more interesting place really are those faces that differ from the average, or those imperfections in the most perfect of architectures? In my work I want to express my wonderment about the world around me: the disastrous noise of the city that could also be considered a symphony (as proven by Utrecht’s own blind city conductor slash vagabond Rudgir Glavurtic, interesting faces I pass everyday that don’t get noticed because they are considered unattractive, the difficulties we encounter that are in fact taking us to more beautiful places in life. With giving these observations a stage I want to make you see the beauty in things you wouldn’t see as beautiful before.


My background as a therapist is a big influence in my work. Children have always inspired me in both of my passions. I love putting a smile on people’s faces, even more a childs face.
As an illustrator I feel inspired by the world of Jenni Saarenkyla, Sophie Alda, Julia Sonmi Heglund, Rich Stow, David Fullarton, Esther Pearl Watson and Kelly Lasserre, among many many others. I love old techniques like using my pencils or nibs, making screenprints, but I am also very confident in using digital media. My work has been used for t-shirt designs by checkmyshirt.nl and was printed as such in the magazine Flow.